I'm A Beachcomber

I'm not those who wears bikinis and bake in the sun and show off my body to cute men out there!

I like to go walking along the beach and find rocks and neat shells to take home.

I like to stop by at small tidepools and look at the sea creatures in there.

It's fun that way.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

It is nice to appreciate the little things in life. I like to look for sea-glass.

Those are pretty. Are they usually found in tidepools by the rocks?

Very nice. There are one thousand ways (at least) to enjoy the beach. Now in all fairness, for the beaches near Portland, there is not THAT much opportunity to bake in the sun, except on July 16th and August 2d, when the sun comes out. However, your coastline up there is very beautiful, and you are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! I find the best fun places to go along the Oregon coast is Newport and Lincoln City especially crabbing and the sea aquarium is awesome.

What beaches up there are actually safe for swimming? The last trip I took, I noticed that many beaches had signs cautioning against it, becuase of dangerous currents and such. However there must be some that are OK, and I know that it does get hot on more than 2 days.

The beach has so much to offer, I am really beginning to miss it

I haven't been to the coast in 4 years... Maybe I'll take a day trip out there when the weather gets nicer.