I can't really say I love the beach because I've technically been to two. Around the age of eight I went to lake eerie which is disgusting. Every step in the sand is a rock in your foot and a step closer to a tetanus shot. I've also been to Virginia beach, which didn't go well. I had these highly unrealistic thoughts that crabs were hiding in the sand so they could cut off my toes. Given the amount of people. I thought the shark from jaws was going to beach itself and eat everyone. I was even too afraid to let the foam from the tide touch my toes. I don't know how but my uncle convinced me to go in the water. We started towards the ocean and half way there I yelled "I can't swim, you're trying to drown me!" He insisted that he wasn't and i should not say that. It's funny when I realize how people were staring at a toddler and a grown man arguing. My uncle ended up leaving me ashore while he swam. I stood there in shock. I knew I couldn't go after him because the shark would get me. I couldn't just stand there because the current would wash me away. Forcing me to live life as a fish. I had to make the all too hard decision of leaving him and having lunch with my grandparents. That was my trip to Virginia beach at the age of two.
But in all seriousness I do love the beach. Whether it is rocky, sandy, hot, cold, or grassy. I love it. A beach is where the land meets the water and that I love that.
RosaElaPilarGoens RosaElaPilarGoens
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013