Lowest Cost Relaxation I Know

Living in Florida and "I Love the Beach" are both synonymous and corollary to me. I have grown up on the East Coast within 3 miles of the beach. Where I live now is 7 miles from the beach.
The roar of the ocean is mesmerizing. To lay in the thin soup that "kisses" the shoreline is cooling while sunning.
Watching the sea gulls with their regular flight lines, the sandpipers that scurry back and forth as if to keep from getting their "shoes" wet is amusing.
Lay on your blanket or even directly on the sand if water's not too cold to rinse, and watch the little sand crab eyes rising above their hole to see if it's safe to dump a load of sand they're scooping out or to venture out to scout for food.
One day I lay still while one came right up to my blanket and we saw "eye to eye". Moving to thwart his further advance, he scurried back to the safety of his hole.
Communing with nature where landlubbers and marine life meet is inspiring and humbling, and incredibly relaxing.

Of course it's best where fellow beach bums leave their noise boxes at home, and listen only to creation's windsong and ocean roar, and perhaps an occasional, "Mommy, Daddy, look what I found" or "what's THAT!"
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

For me it is over a 3 hour drive each way to enjoy such a place, but well worth the effort. Wish the Winter was over and it was in the sunny 70s here now instead of 20s and snow

Yes, the beach is great. Wish I lived closer!