Another Night In Paradise!

My name is Amber Sky. So, naturally I'm attracted to an "Amber Sky". The best sunsets/sunrise that I have ever seen have been at the beach!

Last night, I took my water colors with me and strolled down to the pier.( We have our own pier connected to the dock in my back yard.) Never have I have seen so many colors in one sunset. Red, yellow, gold, crimson, scarlet, purple, blue, violet, aquamarine, black and white! It was beautiful!

My mom came sometime later, and went out there with me. She said, "Amber if you listen closely enough, you can hear the sun sizzle out when it goes under the water." And being the person I am I had to stop, close my eyes and listen. Then, my mom starts making a sizzling sound like bacon frying.

I live for great moments like this. To live in a place with unending beauty but, also such unpredictability that the ocean can open and swallow you at any time! That's my candy!
xxdorkqueenxx xxdorkqueenxx
22-25, F
Feb 7, 2013