I Miss The Beach

When you grow up on the beach it leaves a lasting footprint on your heart, I love the beach so much, I love running so fast I feel like i'm flying I throw my head back and breathe the fresh air, there are so many memories, from staying up all night watching the sun set on the water turning it pink, knowing I had to be up in a few hours, to racing with my first puppy.. One time I was in my flat, so stressed I felt so unimportant every building was identical, I took the bus to the beach I grew up, I remember it was so late, I must have only been about 17 it was dark, there were no lights on, but I just kept walking, it was like an out of body experience, there was a few men down by the cafe but I just walked past fearless, I eventually got to where I needed to be, and felt so alive, like my soul had come flooding into me, I knew the beach is where I needed to be, it was weird walking back up I found the most unusual stone, red with black lines almost in the shape of a heart, I held it all the way home, it now rests beneath a picture of the shore in my crummy flat
SerenaJane SerenaJane
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

Nice story. I didn't grow up "on the beach" but my parents took us there every summer. I try to do the same now. It is an awesome experience to be living right within sound of the waves, even if only for a short period of time.