I Want to Live On the Beach!

I love, love, love the beach! The scenery, the people, the ocean, and just the feeling I get when I'm laying in the sand. It's perfect! I would love to live in a beach house. That's my dream! Living on the beach with my main squeeze! Yup! Of course, I'm terrified of the ocean though. The depth and size, the sharks, the whales, and drowning. However, I love staying in the shallow part! It's just the thought of drifting out too far that scares the crap out of me. The size of sharks and whales freaks me out! Anyway, I love the beach (just not the animals that live in the ocean)! Woot!
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10 Responses May 29, 2007

I want to live on the beach too I want to go right now

I feel the same way, except I'm not terrified of the water. I think the fact that there are so many animals swimming in the ocean, sharing the water with me is part of what makes it so exciting to swim! Of course, I prefer they keep a very safe distance! It's my dream too, to live at the beach with my family. In fact, all I ever think about is how amazing it would be, what would I name my modest oceanfront home, etc. Every spare second I have, I'm dreaming of the beach! I drive myself crazy! I wish I had enough money to just grab my kids, pack the car and go! It would be so awesome to go and know that I could stay as long as I wanted! (Which would be forever:))

We live an hour drive from crystal beach! It is the most wonderful place to be to relax and just think! who knows maybe someday we will have a beach house there.

I once spent three months working for a voluntary organisation. We had to stay close to a beach as there was project after the Asian Tsunami. The beach is beautiful place and ocean is so great. It does need our respect too.

I live on the coast overlooking the ocean. Not quite the beach, but over the ocean no less, the beach only a mile down the road. Only thing that sucks though is with the tourists you do not want to leave your home on the weekends.

Me to

Every year I go at least once but try about three times per year to the Florida / Alabama gulf coast for a small or week long vacation each. I would love to move there and plan on it. The only tie I have is my job now.<br />
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I love the sound, the sights and there are places I've been where there is almost complete seclusion so not many people. Just me, my book, cooler, beach chair, and towel. There has yet to be a time when I disliked it. I'm renting a condo in mid-August for a week right on the beach again this year as I write this.

the sounds,the smells the feel of the water,nothing can beat the beach for me,its heaven on earth,at night in the moonlight,in winter storms,morning evening anytime i just love it

I do live on the beach and it's more to it than what you're thinking. In reality there's erosion, storms, theft, shark bites, too many people at times, stench, jelly fish, all kinds of things. Yes it's soothing to hear the waves and it's beautiful to look at but everything about it isn't all good.

You know what? IT IS ALL GOOD!

I agree...it is ALL good!

You know, while surfing I look down and see sharks. They are just living their lives like we live ours. Attacks are very rare. Your more likely to have a car accident than a shark bite. Water is life!