Beach Bum

I found a love for the beach early on in life.  I love the way the breeze cools your skin.  I love the way the salt tastes on your lips.  I love swimming in the waves.  I love laying on the sand.  I simply love everything about the beach!

I've SEEN the beaches on the Pacific coast....a goal of mine is to go to a beach and actually get my feet wet on the pacific.

I've been to the Caribbean.  Cancun was wonderful!!

I live in Texas, so I've been to Galveston, Surfside, and South Padre Island.  South Padre Island became a yearly destination for us during spring break....starting when I was in 6th grade.  That tradition continued for 12 years.  Now, we go during the summer.

I've been to Florida, still on the Gulf, to the Fort Walton beaches, two different summers. 

Last year, I finally went to a beach on the Atlantic Side....Daytona Beach....I loved it!!!

I aim to live on the beach one of these days.....just have to figure out when and how!!!

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sound like a wonderful life

I prefer the Atlantic too, though I've never seen the Pacific, I've heard the Atlantic is cleaner & prettier. I'd love to visit the Pacific one day- just to mark it off my "bucket list". I'm completely obsessed with the beach, and hope & pray that one day very soon I'll be able to live oceanfront, (or at least no farther than an hour away), with my family. It literally hurts me that I'm not there! I just need the money and I'm gone. If my husband were as obsessed as me, we'd just drive out and hope for the best! He could get a job anywhere really... Oh well, one day, I pray:)

Go to Langkawi in Malaysia! Stay in a hotel. The island is a beach, you can live there as long as you want :P

I'm a beach bum too. For Christmas one year, my daughter took me to the beach here in Northern Calif. It was soooooooooooo cold! but it was great!!!

i live in Australia i go to the gold coast beaches and take off all my clothes and do what you do.Unreal isn't it.

Sweet! I've been to the pacific ocean in california amazing place. I remember being with my family driving down towards beach and remember how magnificent the ocean looked with the setting sun splayed across the large waters. . .

Me too! Can't wait to move to the beach...not in Texas though...I've had plenty of that...I really like Mexico (Playa del Carmen) and Ambergris Caye in Belize. When my son graduates Highschool if not sooner...I've never figured out why I like the beach so much..I just do. I always feel more at ease and happy when I'm there.