Long Sands

When I was a kid my family would go to York beach, Me. for 1-2 weeks. That was one of the best times of my life! We would rent a house on the Nubble and you could hear the ocean. On stormy nights you could hear Nubble Lighthouse's fog horn. We would get up early in the morning and spend the whole day at the beach. My grandparents would come up and they would put their things near the restroom because my grandma couldn't walk too far. I remember my grandma would make baloney sandwiches. The water was so cold up there. One time it was very rough and I went out with my Mom and grandpa. I was almost swept out but my Mom held me tight and I never let go of my bucket.
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I miss it terribly. I haven't been there since my son was about 2. He's 14 now. I keep wishing and someday I know I'll be back up there. Thanks, everyone!

I too have many wonderfull memories of summer vacations spent on Long Sands in York Beach Maine. Started going there in the mid 1960s and still visit there from time to time today. York Beach, and the state of Maine in general, never seems to change. Its like the place is frozen in time.

Long Sands beach is still pretty cold

It makes me strangely happy that you never let go of your bucket. Perfect end to the story!