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Perhaps it's not so much the beach, but the ocean itself. The beach is merely the place that the ocean rises up to truly surround your senses, run away with your vision and command you to attention with the inescapable rise and fall of the waves.

Think upon this, for a moment.

The ocean is tidal, a darkly luxuriant mass, tugged and pressed by the gravity of our circling moon. And the moon, a traveler on a different voyage, creeps away from this watery home of ours, year by year. There will be a time when our collective sight will fall upon a steady ocean, static and flat. The moon will have taken its gift of musical motion, wherever it is bound.

And still the silent seas.


I come to the beach to dwell upon
The secrets that my heart will not
Yield up to me
Not to dive in deep
Where fears suck weak souls under.

TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
31-35, M
11 Responses Jun 9, 2007

I just got back from a cruise. I was in heaven!

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Wow.....I love your take on the beach,and ocean.It really is,that place of serene calm,."I come to the beach to dwell upon the secrets that my heart will not yield up to me."Very poetic.....lovely! May I say back......"I come to the beach.........to calm and still my soul......till my heart is as peace,with the answers it seeks."

I absolute believe the ocean and beaches of our world were placed there for us to relish in, laugh, play, enjoy, love, make love and they feed us what we are missing....serenity, the ability to look inside of something that we normally would not see, ourselves. Walking alone on a beach, warm weather or cold is where I feel most at home. I recently made life altering decision on a beach on Cape Cod..... The ocean, waves and sand have saved my life................. I am forever grateful for what I have here on Cape Cod. Wish I could share the beach with someone else some day.

wow, you took the words out of my heart! I adore the ocean and the beach. I am content to just stroll, or sit and watch, and allow feelings, thoughts, answers to come. Being there is cathartic, healing, envigorating. I don't live at the sea any longer and I miss her as one misses a child. I long for her. Perhaps I was a mermaid in a previous life, I don't know. But I'm sure I have seawater in my veins.

Beautiful words

A piece revived, and its a beautiful one.<br />
<br />
You are so missed.

omg, tweedledum, you lucky bastard lol wish i was in ur shoes, i live in norway yes norway. Its 2 meter snow out there now :/

the beach is the place to be. i live and work @ it and it never gets old. the crazy tourists in 40degree weather, the babies eating sand, my daughters chasing seagulls,the hot sun,the icecream man,the european guys in speados(we really love speado watching),all of it is fabulouse..where else can you sit and never get bored? i dont much care to do much swimming because we have alot of shark bites and i am phobic of them but,i do get in.the ocean in beutiful mysterious place and we should feel priveledged whenever we're near.

That was beautifully sad. You showed me the ocean there. I feel silly living this close to one and not going there often... So deep and dark, such ability to make us feel these things within ourselves. The ocean.

I have always despised the beach and loved the ocean. The ocean brings clarity, wide open space, salt water, and whales. The beach brings sand in every crack on your body.