Would Love to Live By the Beach.

I grew up in southern Florida. Our family spent the summer at the beach and went there  as often as we could even when it wasn't  school vacation. Mom was great at taking us there. I can remember her packing a basket full of food and loading the stationwagon with all the stuff we needed for the day. Great memories!

My dream was to retire on the beach as hubby and I didn't have the luxury of his job  being located near the beach area except for once when we lived in the L.A. area of California (Downey) I often drove the girls to Seal Beach area. I don't think count living near the beach in Eureka, CA as it isn't like what I am used to the water up there is ICE COLD even in the summer time!But the area up there is AWESOME as you have the mountains/cliff hangers to see and drive thru.  Trinidad is a breathtaking view daughter and I used to love driving there just to sit at a cafe have coffee and stare out the window.

I guess you can get the drift that I LOVE the beach area.  While living inland ... stuck in TN... I sure missed being able to drive to see the sand and the ocean.  So when hubby said we would be moving again and asked me where I wanted to go, I sure jumped at the chance to say "BACK TO FLORIDA"!!   I still don't live close enough but I am only 28 miles from the ocean. Only thing now is the gas prices  sure puts a "crunch" on our treks to and fro...   I am sure many of you can relate to that in some given area. 

Anyway... would love to get up in the morning and step out the door and sink my feet in the sand pick up that unique shell that God created ,like I did when I lived in Key Largo years ago. (That's another lifetime and story I would have to write about sometime.) What a neat thing to do first thing ... And with that in mind I will go off and  enjoy my day and daydream for the time being as I am only a short drive and a weekend away from being able to do that!

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That is my dream, too. Wanting to get away from cold winters. I am currently looking for a job waaay south!

sounds so good I can feel it right now

There is something to be said about stepping outside and seeing theocean!

SO lucky! I'm currently landlocked in TN, and probably will be forever. I want nothing more than to live at/on/near the beach! Unfortunately, my husband doesn't share in my dream:( And now our daughters are 7 years old, and it looks like we'll move "when we win the lottery"- as he so lovingly puts it. I'd love to live on the southern coast of NC, we vacation there (Topsail Island), every summer. I love small, uncrowded beach towns- no high rise condos, no chain stores. Fort Myers and Sanibel look great, but exspensive. Anyway, I'm happy for you. You may not always have the gas to go, but 28 miles away is fantastic! Just being that close you can probably smell it! And the whole ambience of beach life to surround you!!

this one even takes me back,and I have the water in my back yard, but its not the same as the Keys....