Kiawah Island

When I was younger, we lived in Summerville, SC - ever heard of it??  Well, near the coast outside of Charleston, SC.  Anyway, soon after we moved there, someone shared with my parents a great public beach - Kiawah Island.  It was about a 40 minute drive, but so worth it.  It was a beautiful island near Seabrook Island - most of it was golf course gated homes, but there was an Inn and a public beach.  It was pristine - beautiful sand and lots of beach - no erosion issues - yet.  The other great thing about this beach - the entire thing was on a sand bar - so you could wade out forever before it would be up to your neck - we could go out so far - it was great.  And the last treasure this beach held - 1,000's of sand dollars - just slide your feet around and feel it with your toes and lean down and pick it up.  We were too dumb back then to realize that we should not take them - that one day they would be so hard to find so we took tons home - bleached them and then painted on them to make ornaments or gifts - it was a "thing" in that area.  Kiawah is still beautiful and we have gotten the chance to go and stay there for vacation a couple of times - just watch out for the alligators!!

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Mewold - I highly doubt it - a little too straight-laced area for that... it's a family and golfing resort... It may even be a bit pretentious BUT I am not - I just love the beach!!

Are there any clothing opshinal (bad spelling) beaches there?

Oh, I think for East Coast U.S., it is one of the prettiest beaches you can go on ... so pristine still... and the idea that you can walk so far out before it gets deep... it is a great family beach really...

I've never heard of it but it sounds wonderful!!!!!!!! :-)

I like to dive right into a wave!!

Now, an EP beach party - that sounds like the beginning of a great idea!! Can you imagine all of these people that we have fun with - not only do we get to meet them, but we get to meet them for the first time - in their bathing suits!! hee hee!<br />
<br />
Last one in buys everyone a cold beer! LOL

Doro any extra room. I have the need for some saltwater..hehehe

I so miss the beach - we haven't been in 7 YEARS! We are going this summer, even if it is just Virginia Beach - there are some nice places on the beach there too!<br />
<br />
I can not wait to go - the waves, sand, shells, sun.... oh, I have to stop talking about it - it makes me want to go right away...