There was a great public beach near my home growing up that never closed its road entrance gate at night. A woman I met while working as a summer student between years at college loved the beach too. She was 5 years older, had a fit smooth body and the biggest firmest boobs I've even been lucky enough to hold onto. We used to have sex in the change rooms because we could go at night, lock the door and still hear if anyone approached. Great times!
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Sounds good! When I was a student, I hitched around Europe with my mate.
We met to French students, heading down to an "unofficial nudist beach in S/West France.
We accepted their invitation to work there, taking people's wine and grocery orders and picking them up from the nearest town, four miles away, adding 10% to the bill, with their consent obviously!
I think we stayed there for four weeks, sleeping between large rocks, covered by a makeshift corrugated roof! Ha!
But we had some amazing times.
I am too young to have been a 'hippie' in the 60s.
But from old newsreels on TV, that is pretty much what we were doing nearly 20 years later!
Happy Days! lol.
UK couple.
Get in touch.
Just added you.

Did you ever do it out on the beach? That is great fun.

The part of the beach we go to is quite secluded and you can people coming from quite a distance. There are other nudist that come to that spot and all watch out for each other and will talk, but not invade your privacy if you want to be alone.

My wife has taken the week off and has been down there all week. She is usually alone in the mornings, but people start coming and leaving throughout the day....she said it has been mostly couples, but other solo people as well...a couple of guys have been there and one other woman...

She has had a very relaxing time away from home all week long...

Beaches are great for love!! But I could only enjoy it in holidays. I envy people who live near the beach

I will certainly never forget that beach or her!

That is an excellent point and I will add lucky to the memories I had there.