My legs swung loosely off the edge of the cliff as I relaxed on the grassy slope.


The sun warmed my wet body and I shivered hard as I tried to relax and dry off.


I had just finished swimming in the ocean. 

Out among the rocky coves that drop into the ocean hundreds of feet deep.


Swimming in the ocean is something I love to do.


I love the feel of the jagged cold when I first plunge in; the feel of my heart speeding up to an immeasurable high.


My head above water, the rest of me blow the waves. 

The feeling of being a part of the sea.  Nearly one with the ocean and everything in it.


Now, drying off in the sun, I watch seals swimming around in the cove; now playing where I had been.  They enjoy the ocean too.



I’m sad though. 


The sadness is that I now have to return to life on earth, while they get to stay and be a part of the ocean.


I have to face another day of gravity, while they continue to fly in their underwater world –forever free.


I have to pick myself up off the sunny slope, get dressed, and return to life as a nice “perfect” girl.  They can live their lives out honestly and with passion -that one can only express when they are truly within their element.


I have to smile and do the right things, while locked inside my mind.


They can express themselves, as they want.



I’ll admit I am a little jealous of the sea creatures.


I’ll never be as free as they are.





“But I can return to the ocean again.” 


I tell myself that as I sadly prepare to leave.



“I can return….



....and I will.”

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I love the beach too i think it is very beautiful and calming and it is also relaxing too i just love it so much.:)


aww baby that sounds awsome!!!<br />
<br />
sexy too ;)<br />
<br />
i have been swimming in the sea (only a few times) but i was wearing SCUBA, its so freeing (except the gear, but being able to breath underwater its worth it) i do like getting out tho the weight back on my legs. the smell of the sea is awsome...<br />
<br />
hope we can go swimming together sometime.

Yeah, wouldn't you like to know?!!!<br />
If i knew what the destination is, i would take the shortcut myself... i guess you find it when, in your journey, you get to the point where you say "Allrighty then, that seems a good place to rest, and you sit down" ....and enjoy the place where have you arrived, without thinking about going forward.

Awakingdreamer....I'm there, but I'm also not....depending once again on where "there" actually is.

Hobo.....good question....I guess the destination is wherever you are headed next? Kind of like you said. <br />
<br />
And how far is it? Well, let's hope you aren't too tired, because it is as long as life itself.<br />
<br />
P.s. I LOVE your technique...I'll have to try it sometime. I sometimes for fun visit memories too.

What exactly is the destination? If you don't mind me asking. <BR>Also:<BR>"How far is it? I'm tired!"<BR><BR>I loved your not-a-story. Especially that "Jagged cold...plunge" bit. I love diving-in off the rocks.<BR>I actually use the memory of that feeling to clear flashbacks/bad memories from my head sometimes.<BR>It works pretty well. some times I have to "dive-in" a few times, but it does work.<BR>Well, i guess you could say I'm trying to live free the whole time.. I'm certainly not sad when I leave the beach.. it's just time to move-on to the next beach or somewhere else, who knows where I'll go next. :P

Btw, Stormy (like TheLittlestHobo once said)<br />
You may be right there, freedom has a lot to do with a journey, not the destination :)

Actually,'s not a's a philosophical debate. <br />
<br />

Damn! I thought it was a story about swimming! ;)

Is freedom even about reaching a certain point? <br />
Or is it the journey? <br />
<br />
I tend to think it's our state of mind.. though there's nothing wrong actual freedom in and of itself. ;)

If only we could find the keys to that life....I wondered what we'd find when we finally got "there" ?

Lol!!!!<br />
<br />
But not only good ones.... funny ones too. :D

Am...there was...err...mhmm... oh i, that wasn't it....<br />
<br />
I guess you're right...i only leave good comments ;)

Great thoughts, as always!<br />
<br />
Do you ever leave mean comments? Or are they always this nice! :D<br />
<br />
Thanks for reading my stuff.

Its a funny thing, the freedom, its a state of mind that you get the moment you learn that: "Our battles in our daily life are sent to us so we could beat them and learn from them, not to hold us down, not for them to control us but to teach us to control ourselves. Knowing how to control yourself gives you ability to get uncontrolled by all the situations that has slaved the masses. And by that, you will arrive to the state of mind of a warrior, the state of mind called FREEDOM."