Ahhhh...the Beach

I grew up in a place where the beaches are abundant around me. I can go almost anytime, but during the course of my life, the city beguiles me. I go to the beaches to escape the fast-paced life I have been enduring.

I've left that place behind (for personal reasons); and I miss the beaches terribly. Where I am at right now only offers lakes (that's a clue!) and they aren't even remotely close to the real salt-water-almost-near-the-ocean-type of beach. *sigh*

Perhaps one day I may see the beach again; I may smell the freshness of salt water; and I may feel the ravage quietness the beach entices.

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I know!!!!!!!!! happy birthday, dear Ever.......... love ya, honey!

Michelle... gotcha, too! Must cover up and forget about riding with just bikini top... this is funny... making it a goal....... but it is too darn sexy........... how can they do this in movies... or in commercials??? Hmph... bunch of cheaters they are... *Sylph folds arms thinking...*<br />
<br />
Ever... we must plan for this!!!... I already have something in mind... now in my list..... oooohhh... and K and I are joining the bucket list group (which I forgot to do last night---argh!)..... will do so now... come join...

Gotcha... I shall join it, too... But I won't list everything in one post... must keep the mystery... hehe...

Sylph, for sure ride the bike is on my list, only without a top IF i am straddling a big guy that way my 'girls' will not get so much whiplash /winldash , that sounds sorta ouchy major! :)))<br />
<br />
I put as goal 'to share my bucket list goup' you recommended, i do not yet have a list written out, its in my heart and mind for now,forming still....

Okay... laughing subsided... whew!<br />
<br />
It just might work, Roj... it just might work... and we'll pretend this is your subliminal message...<br />
<br />
What do you mean "Take up polyamory"? Are you encouraging me for a story?? Or are you actually encouraging me to be polyamorous???<br />
<br />
*Sylph scratches head*

LMAO!.......... wait......... let me laugh first..........

I was wondering... I'm just going to keep trying to work it into comments...<br />
<br />
Quit Sylph Quit Sylph Quit Sylph Take up polyamory Sylph Take up polyamory Sylph Take up polyamory Sylph <br />
<br />
Those subliminal messages can be soooo powerful....

K... what did you make as a goal? Riding the bike with or without a top???<br />
<br />
Roj... I did not notice your sneaky comment... I made the polyamory as a goal. I am so not there yet... but very much interested. ;)

on second thougth, i got out, put it as goal...

I must read that story, Michelle..... but let me laugh first... your comment alone is making me laugh...

Yes! I like to shine and with fewer stars it's easier accomplished :)*no ego here, tongue in cheek ok only part of tongue* lol<br />
Let's jump in!<br />
<br />
hugs, K.

LMAO!..... ultimate orgasmic........... *Sylph holds tummy... laughing...*<br />
<br />
There are several groups about bucket list... but I think I would go with this one:<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Want-To-Share-My-Bucket-List/200988" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
Founded by LV... and only 5 people in it... not too crowded...<br />
<br />
Do you like???

Sylph i think there is a group' i have my bucket list' ...is that sufficient for us incadescent soulful beings ? or shall we say 'the ultimate orgasmic-like do or bust bucket list'?.....o.O_ lol

bikerS... we don't want to forget to work a bit of polyamory in...

Roj... I would like to trust my biker then... He would not let us crash, or even me falling off... I could very well whack him if he lets me fall......... or I could just grab him really, really tight... hmm... yeah... this is a better idea... *winks*<br />
<br />
K... we must then... maybe we can form a group and share there... what do you think? ... *pockets the wrapped cake present from K*..... Smirnoff Ice is yum...

ok Sylph we have many bucket items the same, we should hook up with our respective buckets one of these days :)<br />
you're welcome *eats the last bite of cake, after wrapping some for S to take home. Chugs down her Smironoff , hey this 'hard' stuff is not so hard when it's diluted ;))*!

lol Sylph. They only hit you if you fall off :) if you thought you were never going to crash, well there'd be no need for any protective gear...

Gee, thanks for the tea party, K...... yes, I'll take the Smirnoff Ice, thank you...<br />
<br />
I have rock climbing in my list, too! I've tried indoor once... LOL! I kept screaming rappeling down... haha! You are correct with the para-sailing; but I don't have this listed... hmm... I've done snorkeling. I grew up near the beach... but I want to snorkel somewhere else... hmm...<br />
<br />
You can't take off your top when you ride the bike... see what Roj wrote down... all the gravel and pebbles hitting you..... Oouuuccchhh!

I will have a top if i ride my own bike :)) if there is a he i will take it off hahaha!!!! <br />
I have no bugjees on mine but rock climbing, parasailing~ is that where you fly with a parachute hooked to a boat, yes this i want, snorkeling;))<br />
*invites Sylph over for some apple-cinnamon coffee cake and puts tea on stove, runs to store for Smirnoff on ice:))*

Oh, K........ kindred spirits we definitely are... yes! Must compare bucket lists..... do you have bugjee jumping? People often gets surprised at this... including hubby... but imagine the freedom of falling... ahhh... almost like flying....... bikini top??? haha... that came out here so it's in my list now... ;)

Sylph we must compare bucket lists! On mine is also riding a motorcycle (without bikini top~ only if there is a guy i am straddling lol) and living near water. When I was little i was so close to the Sea, it was just awesome...

Ohhhh... yes it is, Roj..... yes it is....... *Sylph writes this down in her journal... Things to Do Before I Die List*....... got it!

It's a very nice idea, Sylph. And gets you out of the 'ouch' factor.

LOL! I don't want my boobs wobbling at 200km/h!...... That's another Ouch right there!<br />
<br />
But if I'm riding with a biker... I have my arms wrapped around him... and I'm straddled at his back... well........ I just have to inch a bit closer to protect my bikini... or boobs............ hmm... that just sounded really, really sensual now............

but funny to watch....send us a video once you've tried it Sylph...

... I have a feeling there'd be a bit of speed wobble going on. Could be quite uncomfortable.

There's bound to be a video on the internet somewhere illustrating it. I'm sure I've seen nude skydiving which would give you boobs @ 200km/h!

I wonder what happens to the shape of boobs at high speed? Sideways parting?

lol WG. Probably many would appreciate seeing the bikini-free biker chick...

Well you mightn't but there are some out there who would ;)

Ouch! My poor tattoo would have dents! LOL<br />
<br />
Or the bikini top might get blown away, too... we don't want that!

... if he's only traveling slowly, fine. But please put the leathers on if you get up any speed. I'm just imagining the gravel rash (ouch!)

I might just take you up on that suggestion, Jimmy........ just have to find a guy who has a motorcycle with a skull cap and a tattoo........... I might post an ad somewhere.......

Yeah, you could wear a bikini top while riding on the back of a motorcycle in the summer. Especially if the guy in front has a skull cap and tattoos, that would seem like the only appropriate thing to wear.

Riding a motorcycle in a bikini... this is your suggestion???<br />
<br />
The Vegas pool is a must...... ohhh yyyyeah.....<br />
<br />
But it's just sad that I have to wait until I get there to wear bikinis, or any summer clothing for that matter. If I parade around the house here in my bikini, my family would think I've gone cuckoo.

Very nice story Sylph. I can think of lots of places to show off your bikini besides Costa Rica or Los Angeles, however. Las Vegas, for example, at a nice pool? Or while you are riding on the back of some crazy guy's motorcycle?

Yes, thanks for the support, Roj....... I know I should listen to all of you..... *Sylph removes earplugs*..... soon... but right now... all this talk of quitting is stressing me out...... might end up lighting one again.... haha...

Definitely. My recommendation, is to pick a time when it's easy for you to stop though. A week when you know there will be few drinking or coffee opportunities may be helpful (eg. NOT the Easter holiday).

I want to try a replacement for it. TM told me of e-smokes. It's how he got off the habit. I have not really looked into it..... hmm... maybe now is the time...

Sigh... a habit pyramid. Felt the same way when I quit coffee. You get quite attached to those little traditions that describe your day.

My inkwork... hmm... maybe...<br />
<br />
It's not that I enjoy it now... probably before... now, it's more of a habit really. Like what would my fingers do while drinking... or while having coffee... too many habits have been attached to it. Sigh...<br />
<br />
Check this out in blogthings, if it's close enough:<br />
http://www.blogthings.com/whatisyourseductionstylequiz/<br />
<br />
I have to check if there's a group existing already...

A long-term goal, anyway :)<br />
<br />
Good to hear that you've cut down. I know that vices are difficult to kick. Especially those that you enjoy!<br />
<br />
Mmm. Can we see some of your inkwork?

Haha....... I'm trying, Roj..... I've cut down..... how's that??<br />
<br />
But I need to, I know. Gets in the way of my swimming and running. Aaahh... haven't swam for a while though... got the part deux of my tattoo and I can only swim by mid April........ the sacrifices we make....<br />
<br />
Polyamorous living in Costa Rica......... hey, got myself a title now!!! ;)

Oh definitely. Let's try to work polyamoury into everything, along with Smirnoff! <br />
<br />
Although... you'll only have many lovers in that far off decade if you quit zee smoking. Now!!!

*Sylph almost fell off her chair..... laughing.....*<br />
<br />
So true, Roj.... oh, so true.... they'll be lining up in my Costa Rica villa....... hmm... one for each day of the week.... oh my..... I have opened Pandora's box here, no?

lol you won't be alone Sylph. Polyamoury, remember? You'll have many lovers...

Costa Rica is luring me, Roj......... I am going to retire there...... even if this fairy is alone...<br />
<br />
But right now, there are no immediate plans for a beach. We are headed for a road trip this end of June, 18 days. I have to ask my group if we can hang out in an L.A. beach or somewhere..... Plus where would this fairy show off her new bikinis??? Hahaha...

Costa Rica sounds exotic. I don't know much about it :)<br />
<br />
Tasmania is lovely but a little cool. Gorgeous place to visit - everything is so close. And very photogenic. They chose the right place.

Not as far away as where I am now!!!.... *Sylph looks over the map.... sighs...*<br />
<br />
I do have Australia in my list. I have friends, a couple who lived in Tasmania for almost a year. They worked the orchards there to keep themselves alive and loved staying there tremendously. They loved it so much that they're coming back this May........ I am sooooo envious!!! And they even published a photo book for their travels (Tasmania was just one of the places they stayed).<br />
<br />
I'm intrigued with Costa Rica though...

You'd like it here Sylph. Hot, and you can actually see the sky at night. It's just a long, long way from the beach :(

I hope so, too, MagicalMuse. This is one of those things I really miss back where I was from. I don't even mind the intense heat...come to think of it...that's another thing I miss - the heat! I never thought before that I could appreciate the sun and all its glory (and heat rays), but now I do.<br />
<br />
And then at night time, the beach is just one of those few places where you could actually see the sky. It is reality as its best. And you just want to touch it.

I hope so, too, LillyLou. When summer arrives here and everybody gets excited about going to a lake, I just don't share that enthusiasm. They say that when you have seen an almost perfect beach, it's just difficult to appreciate the others.