Living On An Island

i live on this tiny island surrounded by clear blue sea.  the tide is never strong and it goes up only a few inches and comes in and out only once.  so the sea remains clear and beautiful.  in summer i love to go swimming especially in rocky beaches.  my favourite beach is a rocky one with white sand in the sea which makes the sea look turquoise in colour.  it's deep with tiny fish flitting around, and their colours shine in the sun.  I love going to the azure window in winter, to watch a sea which is wild and savage.  i love to comb the beaches in winter for tiny shells (sorry no big ones available everything is tiny here!) and pebbles.  yes i am a collector of pebbles.  my love for pebbles came whilst i was studying art at uni and i read about the sculptures of henry more.  i started noticing pebbles with holes in them which represent space.  i now have quite a collection.  i love going swimming during sunrise, and you go in whilst the fish are still frollicking in the shallows.  on weekends i have to go down to a beach somewhere, otherwise it's not a 'break' for me.

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you can always come visit Cabcraft. Lots of foreigners live on my island, and yes, you can grow and produce for yourself and catch from the bountiful mediterranean, too!

you lucky you! I would so love to be somewhere just like that. My hubby and I talk about going to live somewhere like that, and living off what we can grow/produce ourselves and catch from the bountiful ocean. I adore the sea and miss her terribly. Thank you for sharing!

oh my god you have your own slice of heaven here on earth

I would love to visit a place like the one you've described. It sounds so peaceful, so welcoming. Thanks for sharing.

Yes...interesting, sounds like a beautiful place. Reminds me of a place I spent four years of my life...mayhaps one day I will share some experiences from that place. Your story is inspiring to me...thank you!

Awsome..sounds like a paradise :)

Nice story ! Thank you for sharing.