One Night It Was Magic♦

One night, several years ago I spent a night at a small beach in northern Ontario, though we were in the north it felt more like the Caribbean. After a night of celebration and visiting family members we lay on the beach. In the clear bright summer night sky there are shooting stars, a full moon and the most amazing intricate aurora borealis I have ever witnessed. As I lay there complete understanding and oneness washes over me, I feel so alive and mostly grateful to be a part of this beautiful place we call Earth. The colors in the sky are swaying as if there are heavenly creatures dancing to an unheard tune dressed in silky robes of color, colors I haven't a name for. They lasted for so long, it was a total feeling of a miracle witnessed. It was a magical time on a magical beach.

WhiteFireShell WhiteFireShell
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Wow, great post! To be able to see all that in one night most have been out of this world! have seen an all night meteor shower which was amazing; would love to see Aurora borealis. The beach is the operfect place to take it all in. so quiet, peaceful and brings one such tranquility unequalled!