Being Free Like A Bird

my story is that i love being nude naked  whatever u call it its the greatest  feeling anyone can have,i always since i was a teenager wanted to be nude .  i  live in a very private area with a lor of lnd where i can go naked evey day . i even go naked outside in the wintertime , boy is that ever a fantastic feeling being nude in the snow. the greatest thing i gad was sex in the snow  we had a ball the temp was just right temp too,i will and always love to do this till i die . there someting about vit that turns you on and more people should try it i live in mt area for 40 years now and practice walking outside naked as well as inside ,ido work in the nude andchop wood in the nude, i drive my all terain vechile in the nude on my landi drive or 4 miles naked on my property and just love it 'i met a girl on my land that was sun tanning on my property , boy was she suprrsed to see me totally naked like she wasshe never thought she would get caught doing it  but i told her ir was ok to sun on my land , we became good friends from than on yes after a while on a lot of vist we had sex and we both love itso dont be ashame to be in the buff it healty and your attidude torwards being nude will be a acceping one

kg2du kg2du
Feb 9, 2010