My Dream

Ever since i was little my parents took me to the beach for holidays i think they were the best days of the long summer holdays from school.

I don't know what it is with the sea and beach but as soon i got there all the worries of normal school life dissapeared as i got older it still was the perfect place to go to get away from everything.

When i met my husband and we had kids we went on our first holiday when i said about going on the beach he said 'why do you want to sit there all day',

It was then i discovered he had never had a proper holiday at the sea his holidays were visiting family, once he finally sat on beach and played with the kids making sandcastles he loved it. We always said once we retired we would move to the coast. We have always lived inland well last year i lost my job and couldn't get more work our neighbours were a nightmare and to be honest life was bad.

I woke up one day and phoned him and said i want to move and within a month we moved to the coast it was the best thing we have ever done, living 2 minutes from the beach is truely amazing.

murph4 murph4
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

That sounds amazing!