I Love The Way The Beach Makes Me Feel

I love walking at the beach on a cool day. I love the salty air and the smell of sea food. I love browsing at gift shops. Having a beach front balcony room in a hotel it important to me. I love to leave the balcony door open at night before I go to bed.

I love the way sand feels between my toes. When it is hot enough i love laying out and letting the warmth wrap around me. The beach is such a lovely place.

The only thing i dislike about the beach would be the possibility of being stung by a jelly fish or hurt by some sort of sea life. LOL

I like to visit the aquarium and the zoo when I go to the beach. I always buy salt water taffy when I go to the beach.

I love the beach and the lively feeling it gives me.

katierae414512 katierae414512
13-15, F
Feb 11, 2010