Far Away.

Me and a great guy i know plan to one day find a secluded beach in Miami and just camp out for 1 week. Just me, him, soft sand and the beautiful blue. (just friends) I so wish this will happen one day. I used to go to the beach and camp for a week with my family when i was younger. I really miss it. Its my favorite place to be. I haven't been to the beach in years! I miss it. The crashing of the waves, the way the sand feels on my feet, the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I think i know what my summer goal is now. ROAD TRIP to the beach. LOL. I really need to go. Maybe my lovely boyfriend will take me to California to meet his family and of course enjoy the beautiful blue. Hmm gotta talk to him about this, hehehe.

 That's me enjoying the sun! ahahah.---->

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Feb 13, 2010