Don't Most People?

I go to Orange Beach, alabama every year for vacation. Ever since I was born my grandpa and his wife would take our family and her family to Florida. Then after a hurricane struck while we had just left, we didn't go back. So after that we wnt to Orange Beach. A good place to golf for Pop (grandpa), a huge mall with t-shirt creators, a food court, and a great beach. I reccomend staying at the Pheonix X. ;)


It takes forever to get there but its worht it. We take walks on the beach every night, my little sister trying to kill crabs...anger issues... And looking for shells.We make canals in the sand and giant forts, and every once in a while some crazy folks from who-knows-where dig a huge hole about 5 feet deep, maybe six. By the next morning its either there or its full of sea water.

Sometimes I like to just sit in the shallow water and get sand in between my toes. I even found a live sand dollar. Did you know that they're hairy??? It freaked me out so we took it home. It stunk because we had no water to put it in.LOL.

TruthLauren TruthLauren
13-15, F
Feb 21, 2010