Just Need A Pair Of Gills..right Behind My Ears!!!

I've given it a lot of thought and that would be the perfect place. Right behind my ears. Three rows of gills!!!!

I love water. Being in it, looking at it, listening to it....aaaaaaaah!!!!

I love the movie "Splash". Does anyone remember that one..with Daryl Hannah. Loved that movie. Perfect.

For those of you who are not familiar with that movie here's the idea.

I'm a mermaid and then when I needed to come on land just grab a hair drier and BOOM! Legs!! giggle

Summer is almost here and I am hoping that we will have a summer proper. I was only able to make it to the beach 1 day last summer.

Misery of misery!!

My faaaaaaaaa-four-it place in the United States is Key West. Back when I flew the friendly sky's as a flight attendant, I got the pleasure of many overnights there. That place will always be home to me. One day I hope to make one of those Keys home permanently.

Pure bliss!!!

Angelmused Angelmused
31-35, F
Mar 12, 2010