Sand Between The Toes

It is about an hours drive to the beach from where I live,so I like going early in the morning,3 or 4am..As soon as i get to the place I pick -up sand in my hands and offer it to the west,east,north,south,Then I will remove my cloths and going the very cold water but wont go in to far out sharks! I have seen JAWS way to much olol.I'll get dress and sit and wait for the sun rise,and yell out good-morning I just love the feel of the sun in my face,early morning sun it is like a kiss from heaven..I will only look for one shell and bring it back one shell home with me.I have seen sun-dollars,omg beautiful sun-dollars ,but they belong to the beach I just love the water and hug the waves I;ll toss my problems out so the wave will take them away even if it is only for awhile.

The beach is my place where i can feel free from drama and I feel so at home.

YouWhoRainDancer YouWhoRainDancer
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I lived for about 11 months in LA. During that time, when I wanted peace, I drove north on HW 5 until I found a rocky beach where there would be no swimmers. I would stop and just watch the water. My cares and worries would melt away. I once watched a wild seal all by himself play for an hour among the rocks. He finally saw me and took off. It was wonderful.

Me, too!