Growing Up

I was named after a Beatles song. My mother and father tried to find a name that they liked but, found nothing. One day they turned on the radio and heard the song "Michelle" and both looked at each other and just knew. 
Growing up listening to the songs (which I know all the words by heart) was comforting, happy and exciting. I loved to dance to all of the songs and still do today. Whenever I hear a Beatles song I think.. Oh I remember when this happened.. and I feel like I am back in that year of my life. 
The Beatles are more than just a band.. they have brought me joy and memories. 
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I was born in 1961 and we sang Beatles songs in the playground at school, We all live in a yellow submarine was a favorite at that age, Michelle was one of my favorites at that time also. <br />
My first girlfriends name was Michelle, we were both seven i think. My name is Michael which is Michelle in French. I had 6 older brothers and sisters who always played the Beatles and other 60s beautiful, sometimes weired and wonderful or heavy music. <br />
The Beatles have always been one of my favorite bands.<br />
Ive always liked my name Michael and the fact that its Michelle in France :)<br />
I play guitar and sing badly, i try to sing Michelle but with my not so good voice and parts of the song being in French im better off singing it home alone lol

That is so nice that the Beatles have been so prominent in your life. Good on you for playing the guitar.. that is a hard instrument to learn. :)

I named my eldest Julia because of the Beatles. I hope she grows with it the same way you have.

My middle name is very Beatles related.

I did the same thing; named my daughter Michelle (Jeannette) after the same song for most likely the same reasons you were. I bet there are lots of Michelle's out there that were named for that song, it is a very beautiful song.

I love the song and love the name.. I am so happy that they called me Michelle, I wouldn't have it any other way. Nice choice. :)

My favorite song by the Beatles is ''My Life'',the words are so true.

You could've been named ''Rita'' after the meter maid if that had been on first.

My favorite song by the Beatles is ''My Life'',the words are so true.

Nice story, lucky for you though they heard that first, you would have had a torrid time growing up as <br />
"this boy" or "get back", I'm sure there are funnier examples but you get the point.

haha! Yeah.. I am so happy that my name is Michelle.. couldn't be any other name in my eyes. Cheers

It's kind of strange to have four friends that you've never met, but that's what it's like. Over the years they've made me laugh and sing, got me into arguments when somebody tried to put them down, I've taken them everywhere I've gone ( and still do ). Over the years most of my friends have gone their own ways, but these guys are always with me.

Music will always be your friend, that is so true Megeddo. I never thought of it like that. But, they have given me comfort and have gotten me through some tough times. *cheers*

I have been a Beatles fan since I was 10 or 11. Their music brings a smile to my face & always will. But I have a story for you that may put a smile on your face.<br />
<br />
I "like" Julian Lennon, John's son, on Facebook. I also have a cat, Pinky, who just loves to hear John or Julian Lennon's voice. Every time she hears The Beatles "And Your Bird Can Sing" with John or Julian's "Too Late for Goodbye", she prances around, purrs & affectionately rub up against the source of the sound. I posted that on his fan page. Naturally, I got several comments from fans. But about 4 or 5 comments down, JULIAN LENNON COMMENTED, CORRECTING ME ON THE TITLE OF THE SONG!!! CAN YOU SEE THAT?! JULIAN LENNON READ MY POST AND COMMENTED!!! I think in the 6 degrees of separation, I think that's a number 2. Silly to some, something I will never forget :)

That is so awesome! That did put a smile on my face Iris. Thanks for sharing that. I know if there was someone famous that I sent mail to and they contacted me... I would flip! Congrats.

I have a friend whose wife is named Michelle,he had them play the song at their wedding while walking down the isle.

thats so sweet. :)