Still The Greatest Band Of All Time

Lots of people say "they were the best." I say they ARE the best. Until you can show me somebody better, I will continue to say so. They did so much in such a short time and the music is still popular and sounds so fresh. It must have been so cool to be around during their time. A lot of people my age bounce from one "popular" act to another. Who's famous today is forgotten about tomorrow.

As I stated in another story somewhere, I learned of them because of my father. He's a good musician, song writer and singer. He is always playing The Beatles. We were recently listening to "I Saw Her Standing There" when my younger sister came in with one of her friends. Her friend said "who is this? It sounds so lively." Imagine her shock to find out the song was probably older than her parents. They always looked so cool too. The Beatles rocked and sang ballads. They had such great melodies and their voices blended so remarkably well that they must have been sent from heaven.

Today's generation can have their flashes in the pan. The Beatles music will never grow old or be forgotten.
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Love to hear someone your age say this!
I did grow up listening to them and we knew it was special from the beginning.

Wonderful post! I love it when I hear stories about people discovering "The Beatles!"

Oh,almost forgot,it's great to know the Beatles music attracts younger people,such as you're good self. It shows their music is timeless.

After the break up of the Beatles,years later,I went to watch Paul play live at the Kings Dock,Liverpool. There were home made banners hanging. One I remember was 'Welcome Home Paul.' I made it sound depressing on my first comment regarding 'In My Life.' It is a great song and the words mean a lot to me. On the local tv news this week,there was an item about Paul's son,a musician in his own right,playing in a band at The Cavern Club reciently(the real club was opposite the present location on Mathews Street. It was demolished). He gets inspiration from his dad and plays Beatles songs well.

Yes murrman1, I do like you're comment. Thanks for replying.

They are the best band, the most influential, inovative band . I will venture out and say they are still the most influential band, from the style, the way of recording tracks, publishing, the first videos, people still look to them for insperation, and as said earlier the songs are still fresh, people in thier teens now are still listening to them. Do you really think anyone will listen to say britiany, bleeper, or any of these "idols" when the noise they put out is 60years old I think not!

maybe bot even 60 days from now, certainly not 60 weeks

Yes,the Beatles were the best band. I would'nt say THE BEST BAND EVER, because no one knows what may come in the future. They are though up there with the classics. My favorite,though it may sound depressing(I'm almost 63,seen a lot of things and lost one or two friends over the years through death)is ''MY LIFE.'' The words say it all.

OK, the best band far!?? The name of the song is "In My Life" and I don't think it's depressing at all. Reflective?? Certainly. Depressing?? NOT!

Timeless indeed. I discovered them recently because of a friend.

you are right i grew up with the beatles and they were the best band that i ever heard ever they wrote most all of their songs and were far better than anyone else in the 60,sthey played live as wellas anybody their music is still as popular today as when i grew up with them . vinny