The Fab Four Still Sounding Great 50 Years On.

No band has had a bigger impact on me overall even though I was just a kid when they played in my home town of Melbourne, Australia at Festival Hall in 1964. At that time it was possible to hear a Beatles record playing simultaneously on every commercial radio station in the city. When they arrived at Melbourne Airport and were driven to the Southern Cross Hotel (not a really posh snobby up market place but a nice place for ordinary travelers to stay) it was on every TV news service, there were only four to choose from back then, and still black and white. A lot of people said they'd be gone and forgotten in two years. Ha! They are gone now but certainly not forgotten. Ten years of jet lag, airport coffee and motel accommodation finally took it's toll on their personal lives and got the best of their will to go on as a group. I bought as many of their records as I could afford and I still have them but now that analogue/vinyl records are on the way out it is easier to listen on the net. There are stations on the web that play nothing but Beatles 24/7. Apart from the sheer excitement and the impact of the cultural revolution, the long hair and everything that went with it, the lyrics always had an unexpected twist that I still think is unique creative genius. I love the bohemian play on words in Norwegian Wood, (isn't it good?), but they were all clever really. Mmm my ears still ring.
will999 will999
61-65, M
Apr 18, 2012