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Several days ago I was wearing an "Abbey Road" T-shirt. My mom and I were shopping and we met one of our neighbors. She was shopping with her 11 year old daughter. As we were talking, her daughter stared at my shirt and was started to ask "who is....Oh, it's The Beatles!" Even at 11 years old, despite being bombarded by all of this current lower socio-economic type noise and ultra-hype a new "star," she knew who The Beatles ARE.
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They had good and sometimes great solo careers, but the music they made as a band was never duplicated. They seemed to inspire each other to greater heights when they were together.

So sad that it ended too soon.

its amazing to see ppl still love the BEATLES SO do i love the music lol, just wanted to respond hugs vinny

yes it was a great time growing up with the beatles the music is timeless there will never be another beatles ever lol vinny

My father's step mother live in the Dakotas where John lived with his wife and kid and my father's Step mother would see them all the time and always say hello to my father's step mother!

Ha!!!My cousins are 7 and 8 years old and we talk about The Beatles or listen to their music everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />