Was Late, But I Got Here . . .

Can't believe what a great gift to the world the Beatles were and still very much are. Words cannot express how greatful I am to have my hearing, if only to hear "And I Love Her" or to rock out to "Hey Bulldog"! Thank you John, Paul, George (especially for "And Your Bird Can Sing, that guitar is AWESOME) and Ringo!
CrushedDandyLioness CrushedDandyLioness
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Yes, they were and still are an amazing group. In the 60s and 70s everyone would wait eagerly for their next single to come out - it was never a dud; each one generated so much excitement. Even though the band spilt up their music continues on taking in new generations of fans.
I had a chance many years ago to visit the inside of abbey road studios. It was so ordinary inside but the group transformed the world's music with their songs. I really can't see anyone being as talented and forward looking as these guys. If John hadn't been shot, and George hasn't died, I wonder whether a reunion gig would have taken place at say the Olympics. How sad that it will never now happen.