My Favorite Beatle Is...

All of them.

It must have been so awesome to have been around in their time. Every song, every CD just rocks. The songs, the singing, the playing. etc.; doesn't matter if it's a ballad, a rocker or even Indian music.

Every time I think I might have a favorite Beatle, I realize the other 3 are being done an injustice.

I do have a favorite song though; Strawberry Fields Forever. My fav CD is Rubber Soul.

The Beatles as people will die. The Beatles as a band and their music will never die. Just like Bach and Beethoven, generations from now will know about The Beatles. :)
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4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

i also but is not your generation

Wow!! You're my dream girl - Based on 'Rubber Soul.' The album that changed pop music and began to change the way we listen to music.
You're an interesting young woman.

Hard for me to pick a favorite Beatles song; it's even hard to pick a favorite album. Maybe Abby Road, no Rubber Soul, no, wait a minute, Revolver. Sgt. Peppers? It keeps changing.

you are so correct sweetie the greatest band ever thr music will never die it will stand forever vinny