I Just Don't Understand People Anymore..

I know this has been going on for a while and I'm a little late getting on the wagon, but still, what is wrong with people these days. Especially those twi-hards, one directioners, and anyone that has caught the dreaded bieber fever. I know that new things come along and I need to learn that dumb new trends spark even dumber and newer trends and that more and more people will follow along with them. But honestly, is it that difficult for people to come up with their own identities. You could walk into my school and without difficulty count at least 100 teenage girls wearing clothing from victoria's secret's pink, drenched in a fragrance from bath & body works, with perfectly flat-ironed hair, sparkles somewhere (if not everywhere) in their over-done makeup, tshirts and hoodies belonging to clubs/organizations they're not even associated with, listening to and gossiping about one direction, and in love with either Peeta or Gale from the Hunger Games (most of which have never read the book and only seen the movie). And that's not evening factoring in the fact that they all have crushes on the most conformed guys in school. All of which wear khakis or american eagle jeans, tshirts from sports teams they either were on or cheered for, listen to terrible rap music through beats headphones, have the same haircut, and have almost everything possible they own in school colors or with the school logo. Sure there are the other social groups, the smart kids, the hipsters, etc. However, my school is very unified, everyone mixes together. In most ways, I really like this, however it motivates everyone to like and therefore copy what everyone else has or is doing. This does help spread more obscure things like good music, art, literature, etc. but often these things drown in more popular ideas, just as they do everywhere else.

I know these are incredibly average thoughts for someone like me to have that is more into the obscure, the hipster, the unknown, whatever. But I still just want people to realize that you don't have to be carbon copies of each other to fit in with each other. There are enough identities out there to have our own, we don't all need to flock to just one of them. People aren't as judgmental as they've been in the past, most will encourage you being your own person, they just may not have the courage to do it themselves.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Don't know what this has to do with liking The Beatles but I hear exactly what you are saying. I've always preferred to march to my own drum which was encouraged by my parents.