I Love Them Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

The Beatles are wayyyyy before my time and I get crap for loving them from almost everybody for one reason or another. But honestly, if a band is that influential and timeless why wouldn't I adore them. It's not just about their timeless music but their history. Four individual men who came together and gave so much to the world's culture. How can I not simply adore them. Their music is not the over produced, auto tuned music people are making today. They had actual talent and more people my age should really love them more. It's sad when I talk about a classic rock band, one who was influenced by the greats and influenced the greats as well, and people only know like one of their songs. So as for me, I choose to rock on with the music that'll never go out of style...unlike Justin Bieber and the "new British invasion"...One Direction...pathetic.
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Completely agree. I hate the way that young people today automatically think that music is crap if its from the80s or earlier

I first heard the Beatles on the radio in about 1962 when I was ten years old. My mum must have been about forty and she liked them just as much. My older brother who never bought a pop record for himself in his life bought me my first one 'A Hard Days Night'. Even back then they bridged the generation gap and the music still sounds good today. I listen to what I like. If other people think I shouldn't that's their problem. There has always been people who said that they could not really play their instruments, the music was rubbish and would not last. Fifty years later the Beatles are still playing 24/7 on the internet. Like it or not their music stood the test of time.

The Beatles were great long before today's "create a star" era.

You are right on the money dear, the Beatles changed music and the industry completely with their sound! Don't worry about the crap people give you, it only shows what they don't know not what they know!