Beatles Obsession

I pretty much love anything Beatles. Recently I've been thinking about them WAY too much! Not just the music, but everything that goes along with them. I have no idea why they fascinate me so much. I just went to the LOVE show in Las Vegas and it was amazing. I collect Beatles stuff and spend time on a forum for Beatles. The people there are pretty great. Problem is, I don't know anyone in real life that really cares about them to the point that I do! I have to tone it down when I'm around people, but that's okay. I don't know how someone could become so obsessed with a band that broke up over 30 years ago, but I have. I've liked them since I was about six actually but was not as obsessed as I have recently become. I guess we have to be passionate about something. I've always loved music, so I guess it's no big surprise to me to be so in love with the greatest band that ever was. Anyway, that's my I Love the Beatles experience. Pretty sad huh?
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no not at all i have been a huge beatles fan i grew up with them i had every album they made and every single they made i still love them i have been obsessed with them all of my life i can,t get enough of beatle music so you are not alone by any means . vinny

ok. First of all, you are not alone. Many thousands of fans gather year after year on exclusive Beatle Cruise Ships, Fests, and beatlemania events. Access the following sindicated weekly show for your nearest radio station. The concept is simple. What were the beatles doing today, forty years ago. the web site is brunch radio, just google it and you'll get even deeper into beatlemania. You'll have access to interviews, merchandise, collection items ranging from books to monopoly games, to exclusive contests were you can win original beatle's clothing and music equipment and much, much, more.

I am one of the biggest Beatlemaniacs of all time. Next to Jesus, family and friends, I love them most.<br />
Nothing sad about what you said.

My obesssion with The Beatles is gotten too far but I just can't stop loving them!!!!! So I completly understand you!!!! :)

I understand. ha.

My first memory of hearing music was in our family kitchen listening to Yellow submarine on the radio. My brother and I drove everyone mad singing it for weeks.<br />
i guess they're my favorite band but don't know if I am obsessed as you!

Nope, not sad at all!<br />
I know exactly what you mean. There are very few people in my everyday life that can appreciate my love of the Beatles.