The Fab Four

I grew up listening to the Beatles. They were great. I remember when I was seven, I had a t-shirt of the "Fab Four". It was like a caricature drawing of the four of them standing together and their logo across the top. I thought I was really something, too!

They were and still are great in my opinion. They were great together as well as after they parted to venture on to their own separate music careers. I can't imagine how music would have been without them. They were controversial at first. Most everything that is new and different is until people become accustomed to the presence.

Well, before I start "rambling", I'd better stop. I just wanted to say that I too, love the Beatles.

silvermystics silvermystics
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2007

They really believed in themselves. I read a book in which John Lennon was saying yes they were different and early in their career when they were driving across England playing clubs people would just straight out laugh at them but it didn't deter them.

I am a huge Beatles fan and totally understand your admiration for the Fab Four. Keep rockin'!

I must say: I'm a bit envious. I just need to go ahead and get the Anthology DVD's so I won't have to be envious. :)