I Love the Beatles

growing up i have always loved music and i watched the beatles perform on ed sullivan and i loved them. THEY were certainly the most popular band of that era in the 60,s. I PERSONALLY loved most beatle songs and i loved every album that they made.   they  were always a step ahead of everyone else,they were the trend setters of that era.   THEY were the ones eyeryone looked to for musical direction.I BELIEVE THEY HAD more number one hits than anyone else.There best selling song was hey jude it stayed no. 1 for 9 weeks in america it was released in aug1968.Even in the end with let it be the last album released  still sounded good  giving a  live performance on the rooftop at abbey road. they actually made  abbey road after let it be but let it be was held back for over a year  they were so unhappy with that album they sent in phil specter to produce it and changed the overall sound of the album which angered paul mccartney.  Still the beatles were the bestband  the 60,s breaking up in  april 10 1970.

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Wish I could have seen that concert in person!

yes me to i was able to catch Ringo about 10 years ago in Connecticutlol.

Lucky! :)

i was at thatthanks

I read the news today oh boy<br />
About a lucky man who made the grade<br />
And though the news was rather sad<br />
Well I just had to laugh<br />
I saw the photograph<br />
He blew his mind out in a car<br />
He didn't notice that the lights had changed<br />
A crowd of people stood and stared<br />
They'd seen his face before<br />
Nobody was really sure<br />
If he was from the House of Lords.<br />
<br />
(turn me on dead man)

LOL, that Is "SIR Paul" is dead. And I bet his new wife didn't know that either.

as we all know Paul is alive and well

paul is dead

i don,t think so

Oh... you mean William campbell

don,t think so

No one will know for sure unless there is a death bed confression or Ringo spills the info if he is the final survivor but the Beatles left a ton of clues and then there was a sudden shift from his former love to Linda Eastman and then the break up of the Beatles because of an insistence to shift management of the Beatles to her father......... I would love to see the before and after DNA

i guess you never know i read the illuminati wanted him killed because he would not take lsd

hmmmmmmmm and I thought they all took LSD

Paul: Pot and LSD were the two other major influences. Instead of getting totally out of it and falling over, as we would have done on Scotch, we’d end up talking very seriously and having a good time till three in the morning.

This from: http://www.musicbyday.com/the-beatles-on-marijuana-lsd-in-their-own-words/585/
You can read where they are talking about drugs.......... all of them

paul was the last one to try it he really was scared to do it i think

Well it certainly cracked their creative eggs open and out flowed world changing creativity that crossed all boundaries.

yes their creative ability was greater than before i done more research paul is tryreally dead the illuminati killed him on 9-11-66 they hated JEWS and Paul was jewish i believe also paul really did not want to use lsd he finally gave in but the illumaniti wanted paul dead so they killed him as well as they killed john for exposing them in his songs and giving interviews about our government yoko was in on the murder plot she always was in the illumaniti which john was unaware of she was sent to John by the illumaniti to keep an eye on John so she never loved him she brainwashed him with lies

to preface my next comment the interview I referenced said Paul wrote the song "Rain" and it was about pot

So knowing they used other words to write their songs than words that actually said what they meant

Maybe when they wrote "He Blew his mind out in a car" it really meant

They blew his brains out in his car


He didn't notice that the lights (illuminati) had changed

well JOHN wrote rain with help from Paul and they left many clues pertaining to Paul,s death on George Harrison admitted that Paul was dead i am shocked over this but the new Paul was taller than Paul himself and their faces are not the same even though he looks a lot like Paul the illumanti killing Paul angered John who had knowledge of the illumaniti,s plan about 9 -11 he tried to warn the ppl by leaving hints in songs vinny

GEORGE admitted Paul was dead on his death bed in fact they were going to kill George for sending pic,s showing Paul was dead to his friends you must remember yoko was an illuminati spy and witch who was sent to watch John she was in on the plot to have John killed so whatever the beatles said around her went back to the illumaniti

Well............... at least we have agreement that Paul is dead now

I bet Ringo is walking on eggshells

well you knoww he knows he has to keep his mouth shut completly or they will kill him tolol.

yep.................... they need to be run out of existence slimy bastards

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