I Love the Beatles

growing up i have always loved music and i watched the beatles perform on ed sullivan and i loved them. THEY were certainly the most popular band of that era in the 60,s. I PERSONALLY loved most beatle songs and i loved every album that they made.   they  were always a step ahead of everyone else,they were the trend setters of that era.   THEY were the ones eyeryone looked to for musical direction.I BELIEVE THEY HAD more number one hits than anyone else.There best selling song was hey jude it stayed no. 1 for 9 weeks in america it was released in aug1968.Even in the end with let it be the last album released  still sounded good  giving a  live performance on the rooftop at abbey road. they actually made  abbey road after let it be but let it be was held back for over a year  they were so unhappy with that album they sent in phil specter to produce it and changed the overall sound of the album which angered paul mccartney.  Still the beatles were the bestband  the 60,s breaking up in  april 10 1970.

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wish i was there with you i did see RINGO in CONNECTICUTwhen i lived there now i am in SOUTH CAROLINA

I got to go to cleveland Stadium with my 2 older sisters and<br />
see the fab four in concert...<br />
as soon as they came out on stage, **** was about to get real...<br />
girls scraming<br />
mass hysteria<br />
fainting..<br />
broke out 3 times onto the field & Beatles had to be whoooshed back to their trailor....<br />
a night a lil 5th grader will always remember!!!!

did you hear them did they sound ok

soooo young....: )

i wish i could have seen them i had every single and albumthey ever made but lost most of them a fire at my house on christmas eve 1994


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I love the Beatles but Mcartney blew his mind out in a car.<br />
He didn't notice that the light had changed.<br />
William Campbell from Canada took his place for the remainder of the time until the beatles split.