Give Yoko A Chance

I had the privilege of seeing Yoko Ono play in Oakland, California, with Sean Lennon Ono as part of her band. My expectations were low, as, like many, I have perceived Yoko previously as John Lennon's wife/widow, and not her own entity. Prior to Yoko's performance, she showed a video compilation that encompassed her history--her life as a child in Japan, her world as an avant garde artist, and her life with, and sadly without, John. Throughout the video, I realize what a tour de force this woman is...she is 77 years old now. She, who was once considered the most beautiful woman in Japan, had moved to the U.S. only to later be treated with racial prejudice and hatred as she was "stealing" John Lennon's sacred energy from the rest of us. She was accused of breaking up the most successful band in history, although John stated that she simply gave him the courage to end two marriages that had long been over--one with his wife Cynthia, and one with his bandmates. While Yoko has survived the tragic murder of her soul mate, she still sees the world's beauty through John's vision of peace and love. We will never know if she truly broke up The Beatles, or, rather, if The Beatles were a group full of musical genius' who simply could not co-exist.

As I watched Yoko, one of John's songs, "Woman", played in my head. As I hummed John's tune, I began to fully comprehend what he saw in her. This woman and John Lennon's love was indeed written in the stars.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

thats cool. i'm from san lorenzo, ca and i saw yoko play once in san francisco. it was a good show. i went in back afterwards, and yoko waved at everyone from the limo. we were singing give peace a chance. one interesting thing was that i took bart to the show, and i swear i saw a bunch of people on the way back on bart that i had seen on the way up. it was bizarre. chris