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I saw the Beatles the first time they were in Cleveland at Public Hall...I was in 7th grade...and the next day the nun made me get up and tell all about it. There has never been anything quite like it for me........The Beatles came onstage ( after about 4 or 5 opening ) and the lights went down....and it was like ONE MASSIVE NON STOP SCREAM for 1/2 hour.....and NON STOP light bulbs you were in the middle of the ocean in a storm or something. The Beatles and that entire "era" changed our lives and values forever.

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I saw The Beatles at Cleveland Stadium two years later. They were banned from Cleveland in 1965 - which is funny since it's now home of The Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame.<br />
I wrote about the concert you saw at

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I love watching the doc's on The Beatles. It just give me chills to see how everyone turned to JELLO over them. I really like hearing about how their songs were written. They really were a sign of the times. My sister had one of their Dead Baby albums. Somehow I got hold of it. It wasn't in good condition but the cover was, and a record shop bought it for $300. I was so amazed to hear the story of this album. I thought "Good for them". What a way to fight back.