Aren´t These Guys Cute?

The name it self describes what this show is all about. I was so tired of those high school, spoiled and a little brainless teenager tv shows that I loved the big bang theory since the first chapter I saw! It's not that I don´t like a puppy love story in one of those romantic comedies once in a while, it is just that people claimed for a more elaborated kind of humor. Besides, smart people deserve a better publicity! and this show makes the so stereotyped "nerds" look better, I mean, they are really funny and cute! I personally find Sheldon's character the most interesting and cute, but they are all as sweet as a candy bar. This show can´t get any better, check it out and I know you will like it because we all have a nerd inside!

Monique2010 Monique2010
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2010