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I Absolutely Love The Black Keys...

Their song "Howlin" for You" is a song that could wake me from the dead.........It makes me feel so good when I hear it.
I have liked them for many years and I used to categorise them as motorcycle music along with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for some reason......That was until I saw them..........Lol....their sound doesn't seem to match their look, but I'm not complaining.
GeorgyGirl GeorgyGirl 41-45, F 4 Responses Apr 19, 2011

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I hear you on the sound not matching the look. i listened to a few of their songs and bought their album. i loved it. later on i looked them up on youtube and was like "what??" they're awesome though. very talented group.

Very cool stuff.

The Last Goodbye - incredible Song!

I have just recently heard of the black keys. I really love there music