Miraculous Virgin Mary From “lead-in-water" New Year’s Eve Tradition

You are looking at the result that I obtained from dropping hot liquid lead into water.  I am from the United States. Fourteen (14) years ago I went Austria for vacation with my boyfriend, who took me to a New Year’s Eve ball at a European castle.  Before we walked into the main room of the party, there were buckets of water on a table and next to it they had candles, spoons and little pieces of round “lead” nuggets.  I asked why they had this and they told me that it was a New Year’s Eve tradition; I was supposed to melt the lead over the flame of the candle and then drop the molten lead into the bucket of water and whatever figure resulted, was my symbol of good luck for the year.  (See New Years Eve traditions on Wikipedia, under Germany: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Year%27s_Eve#Germany)   That year had been a tough year for me. My mother and I had been praying the rosary every night for weeks right before I went on the trip to Austria.  Well, I was surprised to see the figure which resulted after I dropped my molten lead into the bucket of water. The picture shows you how my molten lead transformed in the water.  I immediately recognized the image of the Virgin Mary.  I have kept it all this time, more than 14 years.  Not even the success of the Grilled Cheese sandwich tempted me to sell it.  I even had it blessed by a priest.  Every time I show somebody my Virgin Mary apparition, they get goose bumps.   It is very comforting to look at and to behold.  You can see such detail in the face, the veil, the shoulders, the praying hands, the proportions, etc.  Every time you look at it, you notice something different.  I even see a rose on her leg.  To me, it is a perfect depiction of everything it seems to be.  And yes, it has brought me good luck, as I am now a successful professional.  I am very happy about it and want to share it with the world.  To me and to my family, this is a clear message that fervent prayers, when prayed by two people or more, are really heard and answered.  
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