Mother Mary I Thank You and I Love You

I love the Blessed Virgin Mary. i am so thankful that i know her and love her even more. at first when i was younger i really didn't pray and asked for her assistance though i know that she is the mother of God..but as years went by, events, situations gave me the chance to get closer to her unknowingly. i used to be an active member of the church specifically joining the church choir.then i joined a marian group.though i am not that attached to mary yet. until so. i learned a lot about Her, her virtues, her passion, her love ..When i was in my college years. it was the opening of class in my 2nd year of college, i entered a classroom with no friends. they are all new to i have no one to talk to. i was so unhappy then. then i prayed to God to help me find a friend coz i was so lonely..then after a few minutes , voice called me "hi classmate!" when i turned around i saw this guy smiling back at me.then i told myself "wow! God heard me" but i when i tried to recall my prayers i uttered the name of mary unknowingly to me..i really didn't know what came up but i remember i prayed to mary.

i will still continue my stories w/mary but i have to go now.

to be continued


celtherese celtherese
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I love mother Mary with all my heart. I don't say the rosary every day, nor do I ask her for favors all the time, I just love her- for being there, that comfort that she's there, that solace. I love her whether my prayers are granted or not, when they are granted, I know it's through her, when they're not- it's like a mother saying , honey you can't have that now- maybe, later. Because the most impossible things have happened for me not immediately but 2-3 yrs later. I am always grateful and thankful .

Thank you Mother Mary for the help you have given me through the Rosary. Thank you so much :)