I Read The Book Called A Child Called It

i read the book . oh my god what a bad mother .
 i had a bad childhood . childhood abuse is wrong . ive gotten all of his books
ive cryed when i read them it brought up painful memoruse of my childhood abuse
wow it gave me courrage to write about my childhood abuse and iam writting those
books now
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the book is hitting me hard becalse my mother was so abusive <br />
the book made me deal with my pain so iam writting my books about my childhood abuse<br />
ive written one book the shades of grace.<br />
the shades of grace 2 will be out iam hopping soon.my books i also <br />
write about healing from toxic parents of abuse and the shades of grace 2 is about 20 years of <br />
domisti violance of 20 years and the healing ive gotten

I have read his books too.<br />
His childhood was pure hell.<br />
Bravo for him for becoming who he is today.<br />
I cried my eyes out.

i read the book and thats why i am writting what my mother did you me and my sisters

It is the worst case of abuse I've ever heard of - I don't know how he survived it.

I read about this particular book in EP and wanted to read it.yesterday itook it for reading.icould not put it down..i was in real agony..what a mother!It was the father who made me more angry..betraying the trust of his helpless son..not taking that sick lady to a psychiatrst..Oh!what lives people live..!