Superstitious Like Phil Esposito

Okay I live in a small Northern Ontario town which is smack dab between Parry Sound (the home of #4 Bobby Orr - the greatest player of all time) and Sault Ste.Marie (the home of the Esposito bros. Phil and Tony). Now I know hockey inside and out and I know that Phil Esposito was a very superstitious hockey player. Particularly during the last Bruins cup wins way back in the early seventies when I was but a wee lad.

Well last night while watching the seventh game between my beloved Bruins and their nemesis the Montréal Canadiens with the third period under way I had a foreboding feeling and decided to get a bit superstitious too. I dug out my Bruins jersey and my lucky Boston Bruins touque resolved that if we were to go down to defeat I would be going down in full Black and Gold

(incidentally my wife was out of town and it was just me and the dog ---- a grown 48 year old screaming at the refs and scaring the bulldog who was definitely sensing some onset of psychosis)

It seemed to be doing the trick a goal by Chris Kelly and we were winning 3-2 .... All was going well until a late third period penalty and another Habs powerplay goal. Grrrrrrrr.

Anyway here we go now it is game seven OT against the hated Habs. Time for extreme measures ... Time to take a page out of the Phil Esposito book of superstition. I got a page of special words that I keep folded away in a special place in my den and I taped them under my jersey above my heart.

And as you know Nathan Horton scored and Boston won the series.

---Of course it is all just silly superstition -----But I will keep that piece of paper on hand just in case. I will see if it has any effect on the big bad Flyers. I will not reveal what is on it because that might dull the power and we will need all the help we can muster to repel the big Orange machine.

I really love the Stanley Cup Playoffs --- Great Fun --------GO BRUINS
claudethetoad claudethetoad
46-50, M
Apr 28, 2011