I Love Both Of Them... Actually All Three Of Them

Him... He Has Been There For Me.. For Six Months. We Tell Eachother Everything And I Have Been Through A Ton With Him! He Was And Still Is My Everything. But I Can't Help But Feel Like He Doesn't Feel The Same. He Says And Promises That He Does.. But Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Right.? I Want To See If Theres Anyone Else Out There.. But I Don't Want To Let Go. I Feel Like I Can't. He's Become A Part If Me And I Feel Like If I Let Go... He'll Take Half Of Me With Him.

Then There's Him..
He's Been In My Life In The Past And I Let A "Friend" Get In The Way Of Us. He Was Amazing. We Stopped Talking.. For Too Long. The Other Day He Told Me He Missed Us. A Million Feelings And Memories Flooded Back In My Head. I Am Still In Love With Him. And I Want Him. But I Am With Him^. What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do.?

Then There's Him<33
I Met Him... Unintentionally. We Talked, And Talked.. We Have And Had A Great Friendship. But He Had To Use That One Word.. That One Night.. Why. He Loves Me.? I Can't Help But Love Him Back. He's Everything I Ever Wanted. He's More Than I Deserve. He Treats Me How I Have Always Wanted To Be Treated. But What Am I Supposed To Do.? The Distance Is Daring, But I Hate The Feeling Of Being... Alone. He Knows How I Feel And Says He Wants To Be With Me Forever. Do I Want That Too.? Ugh. I Don't Know What To Do.

I Love All Three Of You. I Just Don't Know What To Do.
JustMeKaila JustMeKaila
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012