Oh Memories

this movie reminds me of when i was in high school 93-97'.  i only faintly remember watching it when i was 14 or 15, but the song really stuck in my head. but every time i watch it, i right back there in high school remembering how new things where. i relate mostly to the criminal because i was a tyrant at 16. still have that "i dont care attitude". even thinking of the movie places my brain exactly on the front lawn of my high school, its crazy. i never get sick of this movie. i think i related to it alot because in high school i always wondered why people where so "clicky". i always tried to blur "clicky" lines in high school, so i turned into the class clown appropriately. the criminal part may have been to shake things up, kinda like in the movie.

but now everytime i see high schoolers and they are in their "groups" and think most people think "dumb as high schoolers", yes i think "dumb as society", because i truly dont believe that kids seperate themselves, i think its society that has done it, and kids follow the lead. thats what i think this movie was trying to get at in my opinion. and watching it at 15 blew the lid off my brain i think. very simple movie, with a great understatement.


energeez energeez
36-40, M
Jan 7, 2008