Joe Wright's Pride And Prejudice

Oh to be a film editor.   To snip and stitch together those disparate bits of plastic-coated cellulose acetate -- constructing your very own Hollywood ending.  (see link below)

Editor:  Keep 0 - 1 min. It's a perfect record of man's love-induced tunnel vision -- impervious to the wet slippery grass and cold morning mist. Mr. Darcy looks as though he could take a bullet and keep on walking. In all 36 years of ambulation, life has handed me only a single trek of this nature.  But one doesn't forget it.

Editor: Cut out 1 min - 2min 30sec.  Apologies to Mademoiselle Austen, but words clutter here. Let the images, along with the sounds of breath and birds and piano speak. The dialogue amounts to piling-on. Would you like some maple syrup with your Coca-Cola?

Final 30 seconds (2min 30sec - 3min). Perfection. Keeper. You know the pressure was on -- only one take for a scene like that.

Does anyone have a review for Anna Karenina?

KingsleyMartin KingsleyMartin
31-35, M
Dec 2, 2012