Not A Problem

I've never had a problem with the "c" word ... I wouldn't use it often, in fact, I don't use any "offensive" words very often.  But, it is all about perspective.  The word only has the power to hurt or offend if we allow it to. 

But referring to a woman as a c**t is offensive if it means that that part of the female anatomy is being degraded in some way, or if she is being seen purely as an object for sex, in an oppressive or abusive way of course. 

It was used by feminists at one point who reclaimed the word as a symbol of empowerment.  I wouldn't go that far ... I don't need to adopt words to feel empowered or to validate my femininity or sense of womanhood.  But, as with most words, it can have power when used in the right context.  For me it's a highly sexually motivating word ... a turn on ... something which I love to hear my lover say at specific moments, for example.  And it is afterall a word which describes part of my anatomy ... no denying that fact ... and it doesn't offend me to refer to it as that either. 
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I think it's important to know someone well enough or to at least have discussed it before you launch into using words like this at a sensitive moment ... if it were considered offensive it would certainly kill the mood.

i think i would like to hear it at that "right" moment. i've never heard it in anyway but in the abusive form.

exactly CuriousSgt ... timing is everything!

thanks smilingfaces - I think it can be a very sexy word used in the right way, at the right moment! lol

So true, so very true!

Yes CuriousSgt, we can choose to be offended by things, or not ... my energy is better spent being concerned about other more important things!