Autumns Winds Are Calling To Me...

Finally, the cool winds of autumn are beginning to gently crawl their way through the house. It is a welcome relief from the stifling last few days, of summer’s last hooray.

Where I live, the breeze can turn into a gale in the blink of an eye, and I love it.  It whips up around the rooms in my house causing curtains to billow in a wild dance, paper to blow from its resting place and when I stand in the arch of the back door, my hair blows like an untamed mane.

I am looking forward to the cool mornings, where I need to pull on my thick bed socks before crawling out of bed. And at night, lying in bed snuggled under the covers while the chilled breeze blows against the skin on my face, through the window next to my bed.

The days look deceptively warm until you step out of the rays of the sun, and into the shivery shade of the trees or buildings.

I always look forward to each change of season; it always seems to take its time in making its presence felt but when it does, it’s so very welcomed.


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8 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Awww... it is just one of those thrills, I tell you... Fun, Fun, Fun........ but at the end of the day, I do help rake........ not as fun but........... *Sylph pouts*......

I love fall... love their colours... love running out in the backyard and fall down on the heap of leaves that hubby raked... having a shower of leaves... whoohoo............ *Then Sylph runs to the front of the house because hubby gets upset* .............there are more heaps in the front yard, too.... hehe...

Not always sometimes it's just dull and grey!

It rained the best part of it.

Spring's just starting to arrive here, It's been far too long a winter I only hope we have a better summer than last year.

I love the seasons too, Lilly. Every one something good about it.

Whoo hoo!!!<br />
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I'm going to miss Summer just a little bit though. It didn't quite last long enough this year.

Oh I'm so glad you wrote this story Lil. The change in seasons is always a welcome relief...I love the relief of last, time to get outside and stretch and grow. I especially love how in Australia, the plants all come to life and put on a heap of new growth....and everything is so fresh looking and exciting.