Christmas Music

A lot of it was what my parents grew up with, people like Burl Ives and Paul McCartney, all of them where what I grew up with, a lot of them where from my parent's/grandparent's generation which I actually like a lot. Burl Ives seems to have that natural Christmas song voice, which a lot of people don't have these days. Meaning, people who sing Christmas songs now a days seem to only do it for the money, they just whip out every traditional Christmas song they could get their hands on, rather than creating their own personal song, like Mariah Carey, which just goes to show her talents. I like to hear fresh new songs, every now and then. Does it hurt? Of course not. It's something new, rather than singing the same old damn song for the 24th year in a know what I mean?
ZappedToTheUnicorn ZappedToTheUnicorn
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012