Aslan Representing Jesus

Just saw the last Narnia Movie a couple of weeks ago. I didn't see the second one, and I haven't seen the first in few years. Was it obvious in the first two movies that Aslan was supposed to represent Jesus, or did they just make it obvious in the last one?

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To be honest....not once did I think of Aslan as Jesus. And I've read the books many, many times. The thought never occured to me, and I still don't see him in that manor. Aslan... I've always thought of him as more than that. I've never compared him to any god, to anything...because to me, the image in my head, and the feelings I get when thinking of him could never compare to the thoughts of when think of any other god or being that may be out there. So if Lewis meant for him to represent Jesus, thats fine, but in my heart I'll always believe that he represents no one but himself.

Yes, Aslan does represent Jesus. Remember, The Chronicles of Narnia was written by C.S. Lewis, a Christian man. And though the movies are somewhat different from the books, the concept is still the same.

It is obvious in the books